Afghan Update 2012


Jon and Christian training the troops

I have said this before, but I really can’t say it enough — I am convinced that our Afghanistan project is a game-changer on almost every level… it feels like a very special moment in time where we are seeing cultural and social divides get absolutely pushed to the wayside.
There are the obvious benefits of implementing a program like this. It is generally good for all involved parties – the recipients and benefactors. In this case, the military is able to establish a genuine and productive rep-ore with the communities they’re operating in and the communities are gaining access to something they’ve never had before – clean water.
But given the dynamic in Afghanistan and all the complex social and traditional layers, there are other positive byproducts that are coming to light as a result. Some of which I have never seen or even thought of before… such as this — I want to share an excerpt from a note that US Army soldier, Kyle Dubay, wrote to our site shortly after learning about the project: “…I hope you realize that your work has not only saved the lives of the Afghani people, but the lives of my brothers in arms as well by helping to allow a trusting relationship to build between the villagers and the US military. Thank you!”. This is obviously something that speaks more specifically to a war-zone environment but is, none-the-less, a priceless byproduct of the original intent – to simply provide people in need, access to clean water.
Now I’ll flip over to the some of the impact this is having on the Afghan people. No matter where we work in the world, this program is, and always has been, an empowerment project. “Evil”, thrives off of suppression and intimidation. But the real essence is always control – if “Evil” can keep people powerless then they will always be in control. So we are seeing in Afghanistan, that by empowering people through this program, it is serving as an instrumental weapon against such evil – if people can stand on their own two feet, independently, they can finally think for themselves… and fight.

There are many needs out there – water is just one of them. But it is a vital step forward… and with each step we get stronger… and closer to realizing our potential… our purpose…
I want to say a special thanks to The Wolfhounds for spearheading this initiative. Several other units around Afghanistan have now followed suit and are launching the program with us in their AO’s.

It is my personal goal to get every single unit in Afghanistan on board by the end of 2012… and then other countries the US Military operates in thereafter…

This is a very tangible and finite concept – it will succeed.


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  1. Al of The Logistics Project

    Brent this is a great photo piece. It is great to see Jon and Christian out there on the ground, a more un-assuming pair doing a more game changing job I struggle to think of. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all you do!


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