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Becky Mendoza, from Encinitas, CA started her Clean Water Courier mission to raise money for her second trip to Nicaragua. Click here to see her fundraiser . After her trip in 2013, Becky returned with a purpose to serve. A great example of doing what you love and helping along the way.

Thank you Becky!!

See video of Becky’s experience.

Here is a recap of her experience.

CWC Project: Clean Nica-Agua

Well, I’m back from my 3 week surf expedition through Nicaragua, and I’m recharged, rejuvenated and more inspired than ever. After a month of fundraising through the W4W CWC Program, I raised just over $2,700 which was enough to purchase 54 water filters.

On October 30, I flew to Managua. With the help of my friends, Aura and Sarah, who are both living in Hacienda Iguanas in Southern Nicaragua, I was able to distribute about 28 filters in the area. I was lucky that Mark & Dave’s Surf Camp had a shed full of buckets with lids that they told me I could help myself to. Through Aura and Sarah, and some other friends in the area, and through speaking with people everywhere I went, I came to know of a few of the workers at Iguanas who lived in communities in the area that all had wells, but no access to clean drinking water. This was the story, time and time again, so we built and hand-delivered several filter buckets in the surrounding areas.

We also built the buckets and gave them to some of the workers at Iguana’s who expressed a need. I handed off 6 to Kristin from Surfari Charters who knew of an area in need that was challenging to get to, and gave one to the Iguana’s school and one to Aura for her land and her newly built well. Catherine from W4W had put me in touch with Lance and Kristin of Surfari Charters in the area. I would surf 2-3 times a day, in the mornings and evenings, and some days I would go into the communities and distribute. My heart was overflowing with love!

On November 8, Aura, Sarah and I made the 6 hour car trip to Northern Nicaragua, to Hotel Chancletas. Catherine had put me in contact with Ben and Jamie who run El Coco Loco Resort and have a foundation called Waves of Hope. Ben and another El Coco Loco employee, Lester, arrived to pick me up and we went home-to-home distributing filters. We distributed 10 that day before running out of buckets. I left the remaining filters with Ben. What I learned that day about the work the Waves of Hope is doing for the community was the most inspirational thing I’ve ever learned. They are doing things that are bigger than most of us could imagine and they are doing it with such grace and humility. They have teamed up with W4W in the area to make sure that each household in the community has access to clean drinking water.

Overall, I can say this experience has left some major footprints on my heart and has inspired me in ways I could never have imagined. I recently read this quote which resonated with me: “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is” –Jim Carey. There is no way that this journey ends here for me, it is only the beginning. Like the W4W motto says: “Do what you love and help along the way.” It was so simple, a small labor of love made my life so rich! I hope that you will be a part of future projects by donating and sharing!


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