Big Thanks to Eddie Stern and The Broome Street Temple



When I first came to the East Coast on Nov 2, 2012 to launch our Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative I had no idea what to expect in terms of support. I knew that we had a good network that would likely get behind us but they were just assumptions at the end of the day. In the following months we would see an incredible outpouring of support organically come in, both financial and in-kind donations. We saw the surf industry join hands and send all types of support for the surf communities hit hardest in NY/NJ. We also saw musicians like Jack Johnson, MGMT, Mike D, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, My Morning Jacket, and Mos Def come together to support our initiative. It was amazing to watch it unfold and see people from many different disciplines band together for the greater good. I have always looked at Waves For Water as  an “outside the box” organization – meaning everything we do, from the implementation of our programs to our lean infrastructure. So naturally I would expect our supporters to also be “outside the box” type entities.

That said, I’d like to take this opportunity to throw a special shout out to a group in New York who has been a huge ongoing supporter of our Sandy Initiative – Led by Eddie Stern, the good folks over at the Broome St Temple ( rallied and truly rose to the occasion when Sandy hit. Many of their loyal supporters looked to Eddie as a guiding light to funnel their Sandy related support through. Stern, founder of Ashtanga Yoga New York, is regarded as one of the top Yoga Guru’s in the world. After the storm hit, he and his network were immediately out in the Rockaway’s helping in any way they could. When I met him he was looking for a good program to start funneling some of the financial aid he had collected via Broome St. Temple. Since then the Broome St temple has helped fund four rounds of candidates through our monetary grant & restore/rebuild programs – helping over a dozen NY/NJ families get almost entirely back on their feet.

Their support has been genuine and tireless and on behalf of the W4W crew and all the families who directly felt their support, THANK YOU Broome St Temple!

Sometimes in this line of work we get to see the brilliance of humanity, in it’s purest form – the full circle. Below, rounding out the circle, are a couple thank you notes we received from recipients of Eddie/BST’s ongoing support…

“I am writing to you, asking you to please forward this note of gratitude to the donor.

Because, without them there would be no light at the end of the tunnel. The grant we received from them made it possible to hire a good electrician to help us get power back on at our home. Lucky for us there was a small amount of plumbing damage, and we were able to fix that as well.

The things we take for granted everyday, just to turn on a light, or shower, and even get a glass of water, were a huge undertaking. But now thru the grace of a perfect stranger, these things are now possible.

I thank God every night for the love of my family and friends. And now for the overflowing heart of a perfect stranger. The person who made my life easier, they are now on the top of my list.

For those non believers’ Angles do exists, because mine flew into my life, and gave me hope where there was none.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”



Duaine McGrath and Family

“To All Those Who Have Helped Our Family,

You have given us encouragement and hope in a difficult time.  We are grateful for your support.  The donations that were given to us were an immense help to our family.  It allowed us to secure a rental property and pay a security deposit for the home we will reside in during the next year.  We were able to make a trip to the Disney store to replace some of Gia’s favorite toys and take Nicholas to the mall to replace some of his favorite gadgets.  Purchasing clothing the first few days was difficult, but we needed enough to get ourselves started.  Having the donations made the thought of replacing things a lot less stressful for us.  It’s amazing how it feels to have strangers help you in your time of need.  It makes the world seem like a smaller place full of love and goodness.  We are looking forward to getting back on our feet and paying it forward.  Thank you again for being there for us!”

With Love,

The Farrell Family


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