Discovery Suites Manila



DISCOVERY Suites Manila, Philippines marked the start of Christmas with a star-filled tree lighting event. Guests and employees alike excitedly waited for the 20-foot tall Christmas tree to light up the hotel.

The highlight of the night was the launch of Waves for Water, an international organization that aims to provide clean, potable water to every single person, as Discovery Suites’ new corporate social responsibility. Read Full Article…

World Water Day 2016 + _ForWater



Greetings from Indonesia!

If I really take a step back and reflect on all the impact Waves For Water has made over the past 6 years, it started with one simple idea – the notion that we can go out into the world and do the things that we love, while helping along the way. But inception alone will not materialize something, there has to be a physical starting point as well. And for us that was a small island chain off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, called the Mentawai Islands. That was ground zero for W4W – a casual surf trip with friends that turned into an impromptu disaster relief mission; setting the stage for all the little thoughts and ideas I had in my head to come together into one clear vision. It was the true defining moment of my life so far, and I have never looked back since.

So, I am proud to announce a return to my roots, of sorts – I have just returned to those very same islands for a grass roots W4W World Water Day activation. Again, on a boat, with dear friends, doing the thing that I love (surfing)… and again, armed with 10 filters, just like the first trip. I don’t have to express the significance and sentimental virtue of a trip like this… but I want to. I think, no matter how much we grow, it’s always important to remember where we came from… and to honor that with through actions such as this.

That said, I’d like to also share the role this trip will be playing for us on a professional level. Our mission has always been to get clean water to every person who needs it, which is why we have decided to expand on our guerrilla humanitarianism approach and create a new digital platform called _ForWater. Not only will _ForWater allow you to be a part of the global community, but with its interactive app and website, you can create your own clean-water projects and donate to existing initiatives, from virtually anywhere. Ultimately this new tool will empower individuals to become part of the solution, on their own terms… playing a key role in helping to solve one of the major global issues today.

We wanted to really open things up and make it about you. With this platform, it not just Waves For Water anymore, it’s “YOU” For Water. It’s all of us, organizations and individuals alike, standing together in the fight for access to clean water.

For more info on all of this and how to support, stay tuned to our social media and visit –

I have also included our “Water Crisis is Over!” World Water Day campaign tool kit, which we are using to announce the launch of _ForWater. All the information (graphics and sample captions) for you to participate in the social media campaign with us, is there.

Thank you all for your unwavering support and encouragement over the years.


Sede De Vencer (Thirsty For Winning)



The Sede De Vencer (Thirsty for Winning) campaign marches ever forward. So far 820 million liters of clean water have been guaranteed to those most in need throughout Brasil. In Port Alegre, Ramon Volkart and his two boys, Guilhermo and Bernardo, have been hard at work, already distributing over 150 water filter systems |

W4W-Nepal Fundraising Event



On Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 8:00 PM
Tara’s Himalayan Cuisine  in Culver City,  will host a Waves For Water “Nepal Fundraising Event”.

The event’s purpose is to raise funds and support for Waves For Water’s upcoming project, which will bring safe drinking water to more than 10,000 people in Nepal.

During the November 14 event, Jack and Jon Rose, of Waves For Water, will join Daisy Swan, Natalie Compagno, Tara Gurung Black and radio host Sunny Chayes, in a conversation about inventing a career that combines making a living with having fun, adventure travel and helping others. The evening will also include wine, hors d’oeuvres courtesy of the restaurant a raffle, and hosted valet parking.

Event guests will be able to purchase water filters that Jon & Jack will be bring to Nepal soon after the November 14 event. Each filter costs $50.00, and brings safe drinking water to over 100 people. Event attendees will also be able to make monetary donations on-site. Those who cannot attend the event but wish to make a donation to this cause, can do so at please note “For Nepal”


Event Details:
Tara’s Himalayan Cuisine is located at:
10855 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034

The November 14 event is open to the public.
RSVPs are encouraged to:
Anna Ferguson

For more information about the event please contact:
Anna Ferguson
or visit:

SWU Forum – Brazil


Panelists - Jon Rose, Fabio Feldman (right of Jon Rose), David De Rothschild (next to Fabio), and Celine Cousteau (far right)

Hey Friends!

In route home from SWU Forum and wanted to send a few pics…

Was really an incredible moment in the Waves For Water journey…

There was an incredibly inspiring range of speakers – Neil Young was an obvious highlight and talked on the first of two panels on day one (was also his 65th birthday) about how we can all make this world a better place…

I spoke (and showed our Amazon video) the second day alongside Fabio Feldman (former Brazilian politician turned environmentalist bad-ass), David De Rothschild, and Celine Cousteau (Jacques granddaughter) – a panel I was deeply humbled and grateful to be a part of…

Then the last and final panel of the symposium spoke shortly after ours… including Sir Bob Geldof giving the final speech. I’ll just say one thing – Sir Bob is an absolute living legend!
His speech was incredibly inspiring and authentic – I’m still reeling from it…

I feel deeply honored to have been able to join Sir Bob, Neil, and the others in this experience… to help them shed light on the positive change thats occurring in our world, and not just the negative we hear about so often.

Thanks for embarking on this journey with me… it really is just the beginning…


PS – in addition to the 1500 people in the auditorium watching the forum, I was told that the online numbers were roughly 1.5 million unique views each day.

Our Amazon video played on the big screen behind our chairs on stage

Neil Young

Sir Bob!!!

SWU Partnership – Brazil


One of the best things about what we do is being exposed to people/groups around the world who are doing innovative and inspiring things… people out there, taking initiative and choosing to not only do their part, but trail-blaze in the process. Of course I love our country – it’s been a place that is founded on free will and innovation. But, as most of you well know, there are amazing things happening out there all over the world and I’d like to take this opportunity to share one of them with you…

Waves For Water was recently contacted by a group in Brazil that produces a giant music festival each year just outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil, called SWU – The letters stand for Starts With You. It is a festival on par with the ones we are so familiar with in the US such as Coachella & Lallapalooza. Some of this years headliners include – Kanye West, Faith No More, Snoop Dogg, Stone Temple Pilots, Black Eyed Peas, Duran Duran, among others. But the difference in SWU is it has a purpose beyond the   music. The entire thing is a sustainability/awareness campaign, with music as the common thread. The concept is simple – attract an entire demographic with great live music, but while you have them there, TURN THEM ON…! Shift their consciousness and create an army of educated soldiers in the fight for a new, more conscious, reality… It’s all about information – once you are informed, you are responsible… once you are in touch with your responsibilities, you have a better chance of carrying them out and actually helping to change existing paradigms that are either outdated or simply broken.

So, SWU walks their talk… and how they do so is by partnering with organization or groups that they feel are worthy of exposing to the massive audience at their festival. When they partner, it means that they co-create (and sponsor) a community driven action with each partner. In the case of W4W, through our program, they wanted to collaborate on a project for a specific slum on the outskirts of Sao Paulo that, in its first phase, would provide 900 families with clean water. Their concept is brilliant – execute a real action with their partners months before the festival… do a huge media push around each action to get people acquainted, and then physically showcase each project at the festival through a range of mediums – build outs, videos, live demonstrations, etc…

We completed the first phase of the slum project with them recently and it was incredible. It’s all about implementing change on the ground level and turning on the next generation in the process… I even had my girlfriends son, Dylan, come along to help and see first hand the harsh realities that many people face, day in and day out, around the world.

SWU was a flawless partner… and really helped get the message out afterwards on a national level… And along with the unwavering support (since the inception of this project) by the Hurley crew in Brazil, it was by and far one of the smoothest projects we’ve ever done – anywhere! I’ve attached images from the project…

Lastly, they have asked me to speak at their global sustainability symposium during the festival… I said yes, of course… and am completely honored to do so. The other speakers include Neil Young, Bob Geldof, and Donna Karen… to name a few.

Here’s a link to learn about the event –

Wish us luck!

Project Movimiento Cyan


On March 22nd, Jon Rose of Waves For Water, was invited to participate in an event that Brazilian beverage giant, Ambev, hosted in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ambev, through their project titled Movimiento Cyan (Cyan Movement) has been a solid partner for W4W in Brazil. They funded the Agua Pura, Serra Viva project, in which W4W provided access to clean water for 20,000 victims of the recent catastrophic floods that ravaged the mountainous villages outside of Rio earlier this year.

They have also confirmed that they’ll be supporting W4W’s upcoming Amazon project slated for mid May. The project, titled “Amazonia – Um Drop Solidario” will target the remote villages along the Northern portion of the river. In addition to getting clean water to this region, the crew will also be surfing the legendary Pororoca tidal bore during their mission.

The World Water Day (WWD) event in Sao Paulo took place at the OCA museum, designed by great Brazilian architect – Oscar Niemeyer. Please see the attached pdf that explains the very creative event format and program details.

The event was closed with a demonstration of the W4W bucket filter system by Jon (& his guest Pamela Anderson), on the main stage. Jon quickly assembled a filter system in front of all the guests… then with water they got from the dirty pond in the nearby Ibirapuera Park – He, Pamela, and Ricardo Rolim (of Ambev) gave a toast to the crowd with the filtered pond water. It was the highlight of the day… and the event as a whole, further cemented W4W’s mission to provide clean water to all the Brazilian people who so desperately need it.

Waves For Water would like to thank Ambev for stepping up and sparking such incredible change for their country.