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Waves For Water would like to thank Chloe Simpson for her Clean Water Courier mission in Nicaragua. This story is a great example of how the program works.

Chloe Simpson  – 22 Filters Donated in Nicaragua.

 ”I just wanted to share photos from my trip to Nicaragua last week. I first learned about your program at the Hurley Pro Trestles in 2013. It was great timing, as I was considering what to do for my 8th grade project. I fundraised 22 filters within a month and with the help of my mom, Ben Edwards and Kimi (from Mark & Daves in Hacienda Iguana), found locations in Nicaragua to donate. We have made five water filter drops in total. This has been a very meaningful experience and I’ve learned so much from it. The support from others to jump in and help, in so many ways, was amazing. Thank you for the inspiration for this life changing experience.”


Chloe Simpson

1st Water Filter Drop 1/26/14.

We donated our first 5 filters to Bo Fox, founder of Project WOO (Waves of Optimism). He’s opening a clinic in Gigante this month and had not figured out a clean water source at the time I contacted him. These will be utilized in the staff room, waiting room and any other areas of need at the clinic.

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2nd Water Filter Drop 1/29/14

5 filters donated @ Centro Escolar El Malinche, a school outside of Hacienda Iguana.We donated 1 Filter for the school and 4 for the neighbors to share.  Liz Todd and Kimi Tasker were awesome translators!!



3rd Water Filter Drop. 1/31/14

5 filters donated in Limon Uno.  All filters will be shared by the village residents.



4th Water filter Drop. 1/31/14

2 filters donated to Gabriel Devic, for his afterschool program at Una Esquelita, serving approximately 40 students.



5th Water Filter Drop. 2/2/14

Last 5 filters were donated to “Building Love”/ “Helping Hands with Hearts for Christ”. The couple (Mike and Joan Vilasi) that runs a school for the hearing impaired, on Ometepe Island will use one or two filters at the school and the others will go to schools and homes outside the Rivas area. These exchanged hands at the airport, on our way out. drop5


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