The Country is Sleeping Outside – Haiti


Day one we felt two more decent sized aftershocks. Everyone in this country is sleeping outside. Most buildings that were left standing are still considered hazardous and will probably collapse within the next few weeks. Most businesses are closed and there is still no electricity in most areas. Our base camp is running off one generator and the entire team is sleeping outside in a yard. No showers since I got here. The devastation is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It looks like the structures were blown up by dynamite. I really question what the ultimate rebuilding solution will be. There’s almost no choice but to relocate everyone and just scrap the city. We’ll see…

I linked up with rev Andre Louis yesterday and gave him an in depth demonstration on the water filtration systems. He is a sweet man in his 70′s. He’s in charge of 30+ churches and we developed a distribution plan for the filters with that network. It was great! I gave him a bunch of inventory to get his operation going. Today, I broke away from the crew and am in route to some of the more out of the way villages with an American pastor named Scott Bonnell*. He has a network of 115 churches that he’s been working with for 3 yrs. We are hoping to use his network to distribute 3000 filters and Raincatchers amongst the entire country. I’ll know a lot more after today. The people are great here. I feel safe and completely grateful about having this opportunity to help them.

People at home need to know that their support is making a difference. As fellow humans, it is our duty to help facilitate in their recovery. They are beautiful people!

Keep you updated… Thanks, Jon

* Scott is the founder of Hope To Haiti, which has been bringing needed relief to Haiti since 2007.

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