Project Movimiento Cyan


On March 22nd, Jon Rose of Waves For Water, was invited to participate in an event that Brazilian beverage giant, Ambev, hosted in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ambev, through their project titled Movimiento Cyan (Cyan Movement) has been a solid partner for W4W in Brazil. They funded the Agua Pura, Serra Viva project, in which W4W provided access to clean water for 20,000 victims of the recent catastrophic floods that ravaged the mountainous villages outside of Rio earlier this year.

They have also confirmed that they’ll be supporting W4W’s upcoming Amazon project slated for mid May. The project, titled “Amazonia – Um Drop Solidario” will target the remote villages along the Northern portion of the river. In addition to getting clean water to this region, the crew will also be surfing the legendary Pororoca tidal bore during their mission.

The World Water Day (WWD) event in Sao Paulo took place at the OCA museum, designed by great Brazilian architect – Oscar Niemeyer. Please see the attached pdf that explains the very creative event format and program details.

The event was closed with a demonstration of the W4W bucket filter system by Jon (& his guest Pamela Anderson), on the main stage. Jon quickly assembled a filter system in front of all the guests… then with water they got from the dirty pond in the nearby Ibirapuera Park – He, Pamela, and Ricardo Rolim (of Ambev) gave a toast to the crowd with the filtered pond water. It was the highlight of the day… and the event as a whole, further cemented W4W’s mission to provide clean water to all the Brazilian people who so desperately need it.

Waves For Water would like to thank Ambev for stepping up and sparking such incredible change for their country.

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