Random Acts of Kindness

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We would like to share an email we recently received to show the random acts of kindness connecting all of our efforts together.

“Hi my name is Robert Barr. I am a retired state of CA investigator, and have lived in El Salvador for 7 years.  On a recent trip to California, a friend and I went to the Hurley Pro contest at trestles and came across the Waves For Water booth. Good guys and after explaining the bad situation we have in El Salvador, I was given a filter kit to try and watched all of the youtube videos that night. In the morning, I saw your contest crew was having jetski problems, so it was my pleasure to help fix them. Immediately after returning home, I set up the filter system at Punta Roca with the locals, and we drank filtered water out of the dirtiest river around.  I am happy to say I did not get sick and since then, the locals have set it up in the community and are producing water right now!  Waves For Water has helped save 100 more kids, very easy, very fast.  Punta Roca, El Salvador is a stop on the WQS, and just 100ft from the contest is one of the hardest slums around. The neighborhood has no fresh water supply and the kids are paying the price by drinking and bathing in basically, sewage.  We need your help because Punta Roca is just one spot.  Every town and community on the coast here is in poverty, 2/3 of the water you can’t even put on your skin.  Birth defects and infant deaths are wide spread, and many people feel contaminated water is the cause. With a community rooted in surfing, I feel the beaches of El Salvador are a perfect place for Hurley and Waves For Water to save lives, get some good waves and change the future.  After all that’s what we’re talking about, right? The surf industry uses Punta Roca for contests, photos, team tours, magazine spreads and I might add, the best waves on the WQS tour. I look forward to working with Hurley and Waves For Water to help make a difference in El Salvador.”  – Robert Barr

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