A Day of Hope & Progress


Wow… Lots of progress in one day. Still awaiting the next shipment of filters but have tapped into another great local network via David Belle. He is from NY but lives here part time and is the founder of a film school in the southern part of Haiti called Jacmel.   He has a very strong and established team down here that he’s worked with for over a decade. With the help of the David Belle and Scott Bonnell teams we should be able to spread our program across the entire country.

Today I traveled with the mobile medical team to assist them in the field. They setup a station next to a tent city and a paramedic and I set out through the tents to do basic wound redressing and to look for people in serious trouble that couldn’t walk over to our temp. medical station. We went with a translator who would call out for people in need as we walked through the aisles. The smells were intense!

The first woman we came across was sitting on the ground of her tent with her family around her. She had a big bandage on her foot that obviously needed to be changed. We unwrapped it and found that the entire top of her foot was gone. You could see every bone and tendon in her foot. It was now infected and she said that she was afraid to go to the medical station because she didn’t want to be told she was losing her foot. But she didn’t realize that if untreated, the infection would surely move up her leg and probably kill her. We talked her into it and carried her over to our station to wait for transport to a hospital.

We then treated more people throughout the crowded tent city and when we got back to base, once again, I felt incredibly humbled and inspired by the experience.

Thank you for your continued support.

— Jon Rose

Jacmel Film School | Haiti earthquake: Jacmel film students document city’s desperation

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